How to Stop Overthinking

Does anyone else struggle with thinking too much? I know I do.

Overthinking and letting the mind run 24/7 is not only unhealthy from a mental health perspective, it actually has major implications for your spiritual health. An overactive mind is one of the main factors interfering with our intuition’s ability to communicate with us. The soul is felt when we are living from the heart. When we are in the heart, we are in the present moment. And the KEY to dialoging with soul is being very very present.

Ever wonder why so many of the world’s Eastern religions taught the importance of quieting the mind? Sure, there are plenty of mundane benefits that will come as a part of this practice. Increased peace and mental clarity for instance. Most definitely decreased anxiety. But perhaps the esoteric, or lesser known, reason for this teaching was that a quiet mind, or inner stillness, is how we gain dialogue with the soul via the intuition – and, of course, intuition looks very different for different people. It could be inner knowings. Some may “see” intuitively, and some may “hear” intuitively. What’s important is that all of this is communication from the deepest, wisest place in you. The part of your psyche where you are one with divine presence, with the Higher Soul.

Many of us mystics and intuitives have learned through meditation why presence is so important. This is the state of being in the now, being in an allowing, spontaneous heart energy. Playful, receptive, vast, aware and connective. This is the state of consciousness that can hear from your Higher Power, your soul, your deep inner knowings. Pretty important stuff actually.

So, here are a few ways I recommend to quiet the mind:

1. Have a daily joy practice. Do what you love every day. Not what you SHOULD love but what you actually really freakin’ love to do. Even if only for 5 minutes. When you do that thing you love, you can experience ‘flow state,’ which is how you know the mind is turned down. Linear time falls away. This is the heart.

2. Mindfulness meditation (also known as vipassana meditation): a practice of mindful breathing can train us to be aware of our thoughts. It trains you to not get lost in your thoughts. It teaches you to STAY in the present moment. This is the only place from which you can clearly hear the soul, the deepest and wisest part of you. This takes practice. Every time you do it, it gets easier. And, awesome news, greater awareness translates into clearer soul knowings.

3. Finally, a practice of being in the body. Get in nature. Move your body. Develop a regular routine of movement and exercise. This is the most powerful antidote to anxiety for a reason. Getting in the body gets you out of overthinking really efficiently. When you fail to bring your awareness and energy into your body (and specifically your lower three chakras), all that spiritual input and energy that you receive every day by nature is getting stuck in the upper chakras, which can lead to an over-abundance of mind energy, a feeling that your mind is racing a bit. Sometimes this is actually what anxiety is. Energy that isn’t being grounded all the way into the body. So, get barefoot in the grass people. Be around nature. Move and honor the body more. This is medicine and will actually strengthen your spiritual gifts and ability to communicate with the soul. Developing an embodiment practice, which for me was a daily exercise routine, was actually what opened my clairvoyance the most. Turns out those yogis really are onto something, ya’ll. 

Want to learn more about how to stop overthinking and why that will strengthen your intuition, check out my YouTube video for more tips.

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  1. Aphrodite · September 20

    *Raises hand*
    Yup… over-thinker for sure. I’ll check out your videos, thank-you.


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