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Hello and welcome to the Diaries.

My name is Virginia, and I’m an intuitive, writer and healer.

I’ve been practicing sacred meditation for 9 years now and feel inspired to share that experience with others. This is where I talk about my findings in prolonged meditation and what you can expect to encounter when you go inward. Everyone’s journey is different and valid, so I’d love to know what you’re experiencing in meditation too.

Here at the Diaries, we might get into soul purpose, cosmic intuition, the nature of God, intuition development, the process of meeting your spirit guides, our personal healing journeys, doing our personal shadow work to clear karma in this life and any number of things that feels sacred, spiritually authentic and life-affirming to me.


Intuitive Plant Communication

In my spiritual practice, I’m devoting all of June to working with plant spirits and exploring herbalism. Over the years I’ve learned how to connect with plant allies using my intuition and intention, and have learned that, just like other types of spirit guides, plants are here to aid and teach us on our journeys. I want to share with you a few tips of how you can connect as well.

How to Stop Overthinking

Does anyone else struggle with thinking too much? I know I do.

Overthinking and letting the mind run 24/7 is not only unhealthy from a mental health perspective, it actually has major implications for your spiritual health. An overactive mind is one of the main factors interfering with our intuition’s ability to communicate with us. The soul is felt when we are living from the heart. When we are in the heart, we are in the present moment. And the KEY to dialoging with soul is being very very present.

Thriving as an Empath

Whatever your path to becoming an empath or highly sensitive person, it’s important to know that being highly sensitive comes with challenges just as it comes with blessings. The blessings are big, beautiful and life changing. The gift of the empath is an effortless experience of unity. We feel automatically at one with all around us. This is a profound gift, and simply existing in this world in such a way is a service to others. Your being here with this form of consciousness helps the human family remember that unity state of being, which is increasingly available in the higher realms as our soul collective ascends in consciousness. In a way, empaths are beacons of unity, showing the human collective where it’s going. Sort of like a canary in a coal mine. But like any personality type, living as a highly sensitive person comes with its own challenges. If understood properly, these liabilities can be mitigated and managed.

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