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Hello and welcome to the Diaries.

I’ve been practicing sacred meditation for 7 years now and feel inspired to share that experience with others. This is where I talk about my findings in prolonged meditation and what you can expect to encounter when you go inward. Everyone’s journey is different and valid, so I’d love to know what you’re experiencing in meditation too.

Here at the Diaries, we might get into soul purpose, cosmic intuition, the nature of God, intuition development, the process of meeting your spirit guides, achieving divine healing, doing your personal shadow work to clear karma in this life and any number of things that feels sacred, spiritually authentic and life-affirming to me.


Are Ghosts Real?

Who can resist telling ghost stories this time of year? For a lot of us, encountering strange phenomena in a spiritually active (a.ka. haunted) house was the first moment we really considered the possibility of the other side.

Here’s why I think ghost stories are so important. It’s because they are reminders that we have a soul. That there’s more to this life than science and materialism can explain.

My Ghost Story

Sometimes what we think are “ghosts” are more like echos left in time by people who used to live in the space or with the object for many years. Their psychic imprint can sometimes hang around and be sensed by others. Remember, any time you feel unsafe in the presence of a spirit (or in any para-normal situation) you can affirm your oneness with God and Divine Presence to re-balance your energy. You can do this by using affirmation or saying a common prayer like the Our Father. Sage and salt work too.

Be Patient with your Creative Growth

One of the perennial issues that comes up for lots of us with big goals (whether there in meditation, fitness, intuition development, creativity, etc.) is that sometimes we can struggle against the pace at which we are developing.

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For intuitive readings (pay-what-you-can), one-on-one mentoring or general feedback, you can reach me at sissatsuma@gmail.com.

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