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Hello and welcome to the Diaries.

This is where I hang out and talk about meditation, spiritual study and conscious living. Around here, I’ll be going by Sister Satsuma. Just so you know, I live in a small-ish city in Louisiana. I was born and raised here in the South but am (thankfully) enjoying a decidedly cross-cultural experience from my little perch in a sleepy garden district.

The inspiration to start sharing here at Satsuma Diaries came from many years of solitary meditation practice, where I have cultivated a deep sense of peace, awareness and creativity for myself. Where I have healed family and ancestral wounds and discovered some amazing things about consciousness and the psyche.

My meditation practice began in earnest in 2013. When I was starting out in a small Southern town in the U.S., virtually no guidance was available to me as to the challenges and rewards of prolonged meditation. I sat everyday nevertheless. I fumbled around in the dark for some time – trying this and that. Some techniques worked. A lot didn’t. But I eventually found and maintained a practice that consistently served my personal development. That process is what I’ll be focusing on here.

My hope is that my site will be a resource to you as you explore self-healing and inner-wisdom through meditation and conscious living.



Over the years, I’ve had many meditation experiences that I would describe as shamanic. Visions of inner shamans that were initiating me, or messages from my guides about shamanic practices that could heal me in specific ways.

I find the shamanic element so fruitful in my own journey, so I wanted to share some of those insights with you guys in case they will be helpful.

Health Tips | EMF Protections and Heavy Metals

As a mystic and healer, I make it my business to achieve optimum wellness in my life and assist others on their healing journeys. As a meditator, I have established a strong connection with my higher wisdom and inner guides who advise my on my daily actions and life path. Over the years, I’ve received lots of positive news and tips from my inner wisdom, but I’ve also received some messages regarding potential dangers to my bodily health and psychic system.

Since this blog is dedicated to sharing tips about how to advance consciousness through meditation, technologies that cause potential harm to our psychic wellness is relevant. Without being too alarmist, I’ll share some research I’ve found on the topic of how EMF and heavy metals effect our bodies.

Animal Totems

You usually have one or two primary animal guides. That’s the animal archetype that best reflects the energy of your life theme. You both are exploring the same quality or essence of the Godhead. You’ll go really deep with your primary animal guide, and you’ll know they’re your #1 because they’ll be in the majority of your meditation experiences if you look for them. For me, it’s hawk and fox.

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For intuitive readings (pay-what-you-can fee schedule), one-on-one mentoring or general feedback, you can reach me at sissatsuma@gmail.com.

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