Intuitive Plant Communication

In my spiritual practice, I’m devoting all of June to working with plant spirits and exploring herbalism. Over the years I’ve learned how to connect with plant allies using my intuition and intention, and have learned that, just like other types of spirit guides, plants are here to aid and teach us on our journeys. I want to share with you a few tips of how you can connect as well.

Protocol for Connecting

I’ve developed a protocol for connecting with plant spirits over the years, based on the book Opening to Channel. I’ve found it really works well.

  1. Reverently take a leaf, blossom, branch etc. from the plant you’d like to work with and hold that item in your hand. This helps strengthen the psychic connection, but it’s not 100% necessary.
  2. Send the plant thanksgiving and gratitude for its service and teaching
  3. Ask for permission to connect.
  4. Using an intention to only connect with benevolent, unconditionally loving plant spirits, ask a question like “What is your medicine?” or “What would you like to work with me on?” or “Can I have a visual ID of the spirit behind this plant?”
  5. Wait a couple of minutes for messages and impressions to come.

Ways to build the connection and strengthen the bridge to the plant kingdom

  1. Use plants in your dreamtime. Put an herb or flower under your pillow and ask to connect with it during sleep. Treat your dream ceremoniously, like you would a meditation session
  2. Bathe with the plant you are working with. Use intention with the water that it will enmesh your energy with the plant
  3. Use the plant you are working with in your rituals and to beautify the home. This brings them honor and builds the connection.
  4. Get more time out in nature. Sit with the plant you wish to work with and try to tune into it in it’s natural environment.

I hope those tips help you as you explore incorporating plants into your spiritual practice. Lastly, one thing to know is that the fae or fairy kingdom are often seen when these connections are formed, because they are guardians and stewards of the plant and animal kingdom. It’s such a joy to meet the beings of the fairy realm, as they are eager to partner with us to create and steward life and can bring so much grace and beauty into your life in the process.

Join me for an “Intuitive Plant Communication” workshop this month.

For anyone interested in learning more about this process, l’m hosting a virtual workshop on this protocol on the new moon, June 28th. There will be guided meditation, psychometry exercises, and a choice of either channeled writing or intuitive art exercises for connection. Come play and learn with us! Click here to register now.

One comment

  1. Bryan Wagner · June 14

    Fascinating, it’s so important to touch the earth and engage with it’s messengers!


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