Offering one-on-one intuitive consultations and healing services

Virginia has been exploring sacred meditation for 9 years. Since 2018, she has been a practicing intuitive, helping others find greater peace, open their intuition, connect with their spirit guides, identify and balance energetic blocks, deepen into their life purpose and gifts and discover their relevant parallel lives. She is a Reiki 2 certified healer and offers chakra scans and energy healing both in person and remotely.

Intuitive Sessions

Intuitive sessions are designed to assist clients on their spiritual journey by facilitating deeper connection to Spirit and the client’s unique soul gifts and lessons. Sessions are offered locally and remotely over Zoom.

Healing Sessions

Healing sessions are offered locally and remotely. During healing sessions, the client’s chakra system is scanned intuitively for any blockages and imbalances. Reiki, a Japanese modality for channeling universal healing energy, is used for balancing and realignment. Healing can aid the physical body or emotional, mental and spiritual body. Spirit guides the intelligence of these sessions. Clients can request that specific issues be worked on like back pain or anxiety. Healing sessions are a great complement to an intuitive session.

Customized Guided Meditations

I offer clients customized guided meditation recordings with both music, video and my voice to facilitate healing and deeper spiritual connection outside of our session work. Most often clients who are going through a healing journey benefit from this, but meditations to meet your inner guides, experience greater awakening or deeper peace could be supportive as well.


  • 1 free 20 minute consultation per new client to answer any questions and explain my services
  • 30 minute intuitive or healing session $75
  • 1 hour intuitive or healing session $125
  • 2 hour intuitive or healing package $200
  • 1 personalized guided meditation to aid you outside of session $15


“One word to describe my experience working with Virginia: Delightful.

Her process is so unique to the spiritual community. A community of which intuitive card readings dominate, it was a pleasure to try something without cards. Her method is a hidden gem!

I learned of her practice through a close friend whom I trust completely. His excitement confirmed it, I had to experience her magic for myself.

Upon meeting her via zoom I was a bit nervous, but as soon as we began speaking the energy flow was so smooth. I felt comfortable and relaxed. It was as if I was talking to a long time friend.

Nevertheless, let’s get down to business. I am and have been living a life of spiritual enlightenment for years. I made this known in our initial meeting, however; what I didn’t mention was the depth of my experiences or encounters. I didn’t want to taint any messages/guidance that the reading would reveal. So, I didn’t ask specific questions, nor did I suggest what messages I wanted. I simply stated I was open to receiving any messages. I knew that whatever was meant for me would show up in the final result, And Boy did it…

It was literally on point. Her results hit the nail on the head in every category. Down to pain in my finger, even a book I was currently reading, and healing practices I was doing.
The result was so profound I believe we were on video chat for two hours. Everything she picked up on I had an experience to back up. I can honestly say she tapped into my energy field effortlessly.

In all my years on this path this experience was by far the most meaningful. Her reading reminded me of my own magic. Which had been eluding me. I highly recommend working with Virginia. Her gifts are divine, and her knowledge is immense. Her energy is delightful and insightful.” – Holli

“Working with Virginia was an extremely valuable experience. She has an amazing ability to connect with and explore your soul pathways to bring back valuable, actionable information that will help you understand your expanded Self and navigate this life experience towards your fullest soul growth potential. Her work is not surface level; she goes very deeply into places that most people will find difficult to reach on their own without assistance. For that reason, a reading from Virginia is much more than a “cool experience” that you’ll forget in a couple of weeks. The information she brings back will provide signposts along your journey for a long time to come. And she will suggest techniques to begin exploring your pathways on your own. Very often, I refer back to her reading when something comes up in my own explorations and remember “Oh yeah, Virginia touched on this and provided some suggestions to explore this more deeply on my own.” So, her reading is somewhat of a road map that I have been using on my journey for over a year since working with her. On top of all this, she is wonderful person who is fun an easy to interact with. She holds the purest intention of serving you on your journey towards your fullest soul growth potential. You will not regret working with her.” – Jim

“I had been lucky to discover Virginia and her guidance a year ago when I was undergoing deep soul searching and looking for more divine support going through an intense phase in my life. Virginia’s video sessions and personal reading was a completely new experience to me and a discovery to me: her advice on safe divine practices as well as tried and tested techniques led me to establish a devotional and faith practice and routines that I follow even today (rooted in catholic Christianity for me – at the time I am writing this). I was also deeply moved by her reading that was very thoroughly put together and very personal to me. Thanks to her guidance and reading I have come closest to God than I have ever been and feel grounded and firmly rooted in faith that provides extensive support in my life.”


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