Symbolism & Intuition

Did you know that Spirit will talk to you in meditation and dream time through symbols?

Yep! Symbolic communication is one of the main ways our spirit guides speak to us, because as meditators we contact divine presence with our subconscious mind which speaks primarily in symbols.

Here’s what you may not already know. There are two levels of symbolic meaning in meditation. One level of understanding is universal, or true for most everyone. Symbolic meaning that most of us can agree on, like water represents emotion or lion represents courage etc. Here’s a great dictionary of symbols that I find super thorough and useful for the academic level of symbols. (Despite the title, it’s great for both men and women or any gender ID.)

The second level of meaning is UNIQUE TO YOU. And that’s why this work is so interesting. The one way to decode your unique vocabulary with spirit is to GET INTO MEDITATION. Put in the time, and your inner language and psychic patterns will eventually emerge.

I’ve even found reading energy that is outside of your own field is helpful in discovering and expanding your unique vocabulary of inner symbols. This means doing intuitive readings for others (not necessarily as a professional but as a learner), or tuning into a location in your city and asking your guides to help you spiritually “sense” the place.

Why is reading energy outside of your own energetic/spiritual field helpful in this case? I think it’s a couple of things:

  • Reading for other people is one of the main ways to VALIDATE YOUR INTUITION. Like when your friend or client says “Yep, I think that’s what it means. That makes sense.”
  • When you’re reading energy outside your own field, you don’t have “home court advantage,” which is my way of saying you have to decode a bit more to grasp meanings and connections. Because the meditation content isn’t about you, you’re not able to rely on all the connections that are already present in your understanding about yourself. You have to rely on all new psychic info, which makes you a stronger “seer.”
  • Because when you use your spiritual gifts like clairvoyance or healing to serve others, your guides come in really close to support your learning and offering. I find that at least. It’s a holy business to offer your spiritual gifts to others, and it blesses you as much as it blesses the person you’re serving.

Learn more here at my Satsuma Chat…

Get yourself some tea and give a listen.

So, now I’m wondering what symbols your guides use with you in meditation and dream time! Share in the comments below.

A few of mine are: sword = truth, telescope = cosmic, chalice = mystic or psychic.

Also, if you want to learn more about what you can expect when your connecting with Spirit and your inner guides, check out my post on intuition development here.


Sis Satsuma


  1. Bryan Wagner · August 15, 2020

    I use symbols that reinforce the transitory and impermanent nature of life. I find that this reinforces the exquisite meaning of every moment that is so easy to forget. My favorite is a meditating skeleton. Thanks for this post. Much to ponder.

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