Shadow Work

Our personal spiritual development unfolds in cycles. Most agree that just as there are ascending and descending phases cosmically that govern planetary consciousness, there are also light and shadow phases that catalyze an individual soul’s realization. At this point in my journey, I have a strong sense of my own light and shadow phases, so I thought I’d share with you what to look out for during both of these seasons and some navigation tips that will hopefully help you on the path.

Ascending/Light Phases

In my experience, a light or ascending phase is marked by the feeling that our consciousness is expanding. Often, our dreams and meditation journeys will be more vivid and directly informative. Themes that come up will be largely positive. We’ll have a sense of our unique spiritual gifts unfolding, our creativity will be active and inspired usually, healing will come more easily. We’ll have a sense that we are triumphing over our unique spiritual challenges. There’s usually a sense of forward momentum, like we’re moving ably through our personal development and spiritual curriculum. This is called a solar phase, because many of us feel viscerally impacted by Divine Light. We feel close to it and benefited by it.

Descending/Shadow Phases

Shadow phases are interesting times. These are considered our lunar times, because they pertain to that which remains hidden from our conscious awareness. Those parts of the individual and collective Self that are unknown, buried, disowned or rejected. These forgotten aspects of the psyche are meant to be processed, acknowledged, blessed and sometimes released during our shadow phases. This is a time where our fears might rise to be healed. The parts of us that we fear make us unloveable. The parts of us that we fear make us separate from Divine Light. It’s of course completely natural to have unhealed aspects within us, so this time is something that everyone goes through. Our shadow phases are times for us to reclaim all the parts of ourself, to release thoughts, experiences, feelings that aren’t resonant with Divine Light and unconditional love. In this way, our shadow time is a detoxification process of sorts. When we recollect all the parts of ourselves, we are positioned to hold more Divine Light and presence during our ascendant/light phases. Doing our personal work during shadow phases is directly related to how much expansion we feel in our next personal ascendant phase.

So, here are some things to expect during your shadow phase:

  • Challenging content in dreams and meditation; this is your psyche detoxing that which is not resonant with your highest expression or Divine Truth (empaths could also experience/sense the collective shadow which could be violence, war, criminality, etc.)
  • Less vivid dreaming
  • You may find that you can’t hear your inner guides as easily (ex: I find that my intuition is not strong in the same ways. My visions don’t always come as easily.)
  • Physical symptoms could come up that are directly related to the part of your psyche that needs healing (ex: I had some back pain come up that carried the false belief that I can’t handle the future)

I reckon I could continue listing shadow phase phenomena, but I hope you catch my drift. You can expect a little challenge and to be confronted with the parts of you that are ready for healing and release.

Tips for navigating shadow times…

  • When challenging content rises in your awareness, acknowledge it (rather than push it away) and affirm your oneness with God/Divine Light and that you are strong enough to see the truth in that presence. You are strong enough to release all that doesn’t serve you in that light. With the help of Divine Presence, you accept greater understanding of yourself and the path out of this behavior, thought or hardship. *The trick is to face it. Do not avoid eye contact with Truth during this time. It will be a very gentle, loving experience. No shame necessary. Just acceptance.
  • If you see scary content in dreams or meditation, know that this is an opportunity for you to affirm your divine protection and safety. Divine light is bigger and more powerful than any beings in the lower astral and destructive aspects of the collective unconscious. If and when you experience imagery in this way, use it as a mirror. It’s reflecting to you your fears. Showing you where you still fear you are powerless. In oneness with Divine Presence, war, lower astral beings, destructive humans, etc don’t have power over you. God is bigger than all of it.
  • If physical symptoms come up, try to spiritually tune into that part of the body. Ask it what it has to say to you. Best to do this in sacred meditation.
  • Try cutting back on any negative television and media during this time. This just helps take the volume down on shadowy content that can come up.
  • Lean in. Do your personal work by considering the parts of your life that still need healing. Was your heart broken in the past and you’re still carrying that baggage around? Is there some childhood trauma that you haven’t healed yet? Don’t hesitate to enlist a counselor for this time. I love my therapist. She’s been a BIG part of my intuitive development journey. Here’s why….

The more hidden aspects of ourselves we are willing to see and meet, the more spiritual sight and power we are given by spirit.

Our gifts are directly related to our willingness to heal. That’s why shadow phases are where the real work is done. It’s a beautiful, magical healing time. Work with your unique lunar mysteries. They will bless you if you let them.

RESOURCE ALERT: Love this Guide to Healing Your Unique Astrological Shadow. Very interesting.

Check out my Satsuma Chat for more on this topic:


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  1. lancesheridan · August 30, 2020

    An all concise, definitive penning on how shadows shape who we are. Absolutely marvelous work!


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