The Lion’s Gate Portal

What is the August 8th Lion’s Gate portal?

Some of my friends in the spiritual community have been talking this week about the Lion’s Gate portal that happens every year around August 8th. Previously, I hadn’t really explored much about it, but this year I sat with the energy and read it as best I could in meditation. So, I figured I would share with you guys what I sensed. Though, I suppose it’s possible everyone will sense something different.

What is the meaning of the portal?

I’m no expert in astrology, but the idea of an energy window or spiritual portal is an astrological one mainly. Lion’s Gate specifically refers to the day when Earth and Sirius are in alignment, and when the sun is directly in Leo. Some say that the powerful spiritual energy from Sirius is especially available on Earth during this time, and that Leo’s energy is helpful in assisting us in discovering our unique expression of these divine emanations. I’ve spoken at length about Sirius here, and the leonine spiritual energy here.

For me, when I hear either Sirius or Lions, I can’t help but wonder if Egypt is connected. If you read my above mentioned posts, you can see why. In meditation, I was shown that in my Egyptian past lives, I was a part of the Sirius Cult of Egypt. I also know that the ruling and priest classes of Egypt were working with the lion guides from Sirius.

Wondering what I sensed when I meditated in the Lion’s Gate energy?

Not surprisingly, I saw the Sphinx immediately. Then, as I scanned my mind’s eye over the temple that my guides had previously shown me was a location for Sirius initiations, I heard “his palace.”

Like any good Lion’s Gate surfing mystic would, I asked “who’s palace.” I soon heard and felt “the revolutionary” and “Akenaten.”


Relief of Akhenaten, Nefertiti and Two Daughters Adoring the Aten, 1372-1350 BCE

Akhenaten, Nefertiri and three daughters beneath the Aten, House Altar, Neues Museum, Berlin

Relief of Akhenaten as a sphinx, Egyptian, New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, reign of Akhenaten, 1349–1336 B.C., MFA, Boston

From many gods to one

I briefly did some research on Akhenaten, which verified what I had heard in my meditation. He was considered a revolutionary, as he took Egypt from polytheism (worship of a pantheon of deities) to monotheism, or the idea that the highest aspect of the godhead is one primary being. Egypt’s monotheism was called atenism, with “Aten” being the name of God. According to history, this is the first iteration of monotheism. Quite a legacy, I’ll say!

The Sun Disk

Interestingly, instead of personifying the deity into a male or female figure, as was typically done for gods, Aten was depicted as the sun disc with rays stretching downward toward the human realm.

Akhenaten, like all kings, had his personal motivations for establishing a new form of religion in Egypt. He consolidated his political power this way and even went so far as to forbid acknowledgement of former dieties of the Nile region. He deemed himself son of God, in a striking similarity to Abrahamic religion of Christianity.

Interestingly, Akhenaten’s efforts weren’t long-lasting, and Atenism was reversed and largely forgotten after his death. This tends to happen to outlier pharaohs. Their regimes can be incredibly polarizing, and their legacies will often face political backlash after their passing. But Akhenaten’s contribution to Egypt was finally rediscovered in the early 1900’s during the excavation of the Valley of the King’s.

It’s all very interesting when the internet can verify what you get in meditation. But there you go. That was my Saturday night.

Back to the sun and the lion

Like me, you may be wondering what’s all the sun worship about. I’m no theologian, but based on my experience and meditation, I reckon the sun is radiating the spiritual codes and divine intelligence that Earth needs at any given time. The spiritual energy that radiates from the sun does tend to carry themes and is governed by planets and other celestial bodies moving across the sky.

What that means for us in Leo season is that we are bathing in leonine spiritual forces at the moment. It’s a powerful energy, and I recommend getting to know it in meditation.

In short, Leo represents the archetype of individuality and self-expression. The lion carries the divine masculine understanding that the individual self is holy. Self discovery, self knowledge, self expression is holy. That’s lion’s teaching. By making deep contact with our unique soul expression, we can more deeply connect with and serve the whole.

Lion represents the christed soul. The soul who has remembered their divinity and their oneness with God. Which is where Lion’s true royalty comes from. Spiritual royalty is available to anyone who remembers they are a child of God.

Lion’s remembrance that it is one with God, makes it a powerful spiritual warrior and protector. Spirit has shown me lion with a laurel crown, or the symbol of victory and triumph. Which is a nice reminder that all things are possible when we are in allignment with divine presence and will.

I think that’s where I will leave it for now. Happy Lion’s Gate and Leo season. Sit with this energy today if you can, and enjoy.


Sis Satsuma

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