How to Make Sagittarius Season Work for You

Welcome to Sagittarius season, all. Any other astro nerds out there? I’ve tuned into the energies and resurfaced with a few messages from the astral that I hope will aid you during this next month. As you may already know, this season is ruled by beneficent Jupiter. This planetary force governs knowledge, especially the philosophical and spiritual kind and the type of learning that comes from experience. Jupiter supports us in expanding our horizons, grasping the big picture, evolving our consciousness – which is why Saggitarius’ archer glyph is aiming high. For those of you who have not directly asked for a connection to Jupiter’s influence in a meditative state, I will share with you that this planets emanations are warm, magnanimous and generous. You might even liken this energy to a nurturing father figure who wishes for you to be prosperous, to grow, to explore and learn and to reach your full potential.

Favorable ways to work with Jupiter at this time will be setting goals for the coming year using intentions and invoking Jupiter’s support. You may also want to evaluate what you’d like to learn in the coming year and set intentions around those topics and subject areas. Intentions around finances, travel and anything exotic/international, learning, spiritual growth will all be happily magnified by this astral influence.

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to connect to the planets in your meditation practice to sense into their influence in your life. And even better, when goal setting this month for any early new year’s resolutions, light a candle in honor of Jupiter and ask for his blessings as you call in prosperity, growth, wisdom and perspective.

I’d love to know how you are evolving this Sagittarius season? What are you learning and how are you growing? Drop a note in the comments section below. 



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