Why Generating Positive Emotions Matters if you are an Intuitive

Many in the spiritual community say that the ability to generate positive emotions in the heart is the key to mastering this life. Well, I have to agree with this, because I’ve seen it in my own spiritual unfolding and intuitive development. Mastery of your emotions is a huge key to achieving psychic coherence with the higher dimensions and the divine realm. Achieving “coherence” means feeling a fundamental state of peace. When you can entrain and align with this energy, you are dancing with the divine. Resonating with peace allows the intuitive or meditator to receive divine guidance, wisdom and healing.

So, let me tell you how I learned to create positive emotions from scratch. As a writer and a very mind-oriented person, this didn’t come totally naturally for me. But after MANY years of practice, I have figured out how to BUILD feelings of love and gratitude to create a psychically conductive state within….

Do you remember in Peter Pan how they said “Just think happy thoughts and you can fly”? That’s essentially true psychically. When you bring love into your heart in meditation or during an intuitive reading, suddenly the higher dimensional energy starts to flow in rapidly. This is how I know the energy of love “works” spiritually.

I have my theories as to why this is, but they may or may not be right. I think of love as the network that connects you to All That Is/Source. To God, if that term works for you. Love connects you to the internet of the heart. So, that’s how you can tap into infinite knowledge and healing and travel through Divine Mind all the way up to the Godhead. I also think that positive emotions allow you to elevate your vibrational frequency and see into realms for which you are a vibrational match. Feeling peace will take you to peaceful realms and beings etc. Or at least that’s how I’ve experienced the higher realms.

How to create a positive emotion from scratch

So, here’s how you build a spiritually conductive emotion. Find 2-3 thoughts or memories that bring you immense happiness and a visceral feeling of love. For me, thinking of my dog is the easiest way to locate the feeling of love. Funnily enough! This dog is special and has taught me so much about how total and visceral love can feel. I tried using the energy of other dogs too, and it works. Somehow their energy is extremely catalytic for me. I suspect it activates the inner child, but we can talk more about that in a future post. Another thought that works for me, is a visitation I had from a dolphin guide in a dream. He was washed up on the shore, and I laid down to be with him as he passed. I have never felt more visceral love from anyone or anything than I did from this dolphin. And now, I use the memory of him to build that feeling in my heart when I need to “fly.” What are your top 2-3 most loving moments? Try recalling those feelings in your meditation to open your heart and establish a connection to God and your higher guides. I believe love and positive emotions become a medium through which the higher dimensions can speak to us. Give it a shot, and see what you think.

One more thought: a lot of psychic development coaches will teach you to build a sense of “awe” in meditation in order to see and travel intuitively. But personally, I struggled with that word and didn’t always know how to match it emotionally. I think maybe my challenge was that I naturally have a feeling of gratitude and a big sense of the divine, but when a teacher instructed me to build “awe”, I just found that that word almost made my sense of divinity smaller than it was originally. Words can do that sometimes unfortunately. Here’s what finally worked for me:  I don’t know where you are in your meditation practice at this point ….have you heard from guides? Have you made contact with your higher power? Have you encountered profound sights? If so, this will be easier for you. I use my top 2-3 most epic visions from meditation to feel “awe.” For me, I remember the time God showed me the genesis of life on our planet. Or I remember the time Spirit told me I carried the Shekina, the divine feminine, in a powerful visitation. And so on. You get the point, right? Take the most epic encounters you’ve had with the divine, and let them generate feelings of wonder, amazement and gratitude. That’s what teachers mean when they say “awe.” If you are not that far along in meditation and haven’t gotten these personal visions yet (you will! keep going!), then you can use your current impression of God instead. Ex: the thought of a sanctuary/cathedral. A sacred painting of an aspect of the Godhead. I love Roerich for this. This link is to my favorite painting of his, but search his work in general. It’s lofty! He created a lot of beautiful art devoted to the mother aspect of God.

Lastly, music is a very quick vehicle if you are looking to entrain yourself into higher emotions. For sacred meditation, I usually travel with this song. I trust the tones it says it employees. (Music starts at 7 minutes or so). I’ve been using it for 3 years, and it seems to amplify my journeys. Music is extremely personal, so find stuff that emotionally “works” for you.

Here’s my meditation playlist on Spotify to get your wheels turning. 

Finally, what works for you in meditation? How do you build positive emotions? Leave a tip in the comments section below.

Talk soon,

Sis Satsuma

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  1. What great timing for a reminder to manifest positive intentions.

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