The Big Picture for Seekers

If you’re anything like me, sometimes you can get caught up in the game of intuition development and lose sight of the big picture goals of the spiritual path.

Of course, focusing on developing your ability to communicate with the higher realms is a perfectly natural impulse if you’re a spiritual person. But it’s easy to get too focused on the small things – like how easily you can get into trance or sharpening your clairvoyance or manifestation – when the larger goals of the soul offer a much broader experience of well-being and a more wholistic understanding of what it is we’re doing here as souls incarnated in the physical realm.

As much as I love my intuitive practice, the big picture is not my remote viewing or lucid dreaming SKILLS, but my core desire for MOKSHA, what the Hindus call liberation from illusion. I feel that remembering my core desire to make contact with Truth and the Absolute (what some call God), is a much more powerful place to live from and to work from as a meditator. I consider this all a part of the mystics core work to Know the Self, both the personal self and identity and the higher self or Divine identity.

So, what does that mean practically speaking in our day to day lives as mystics? What do we change? Not our actions per se. This is more about mind-set. I still plan to continue to work on sharpening my ability to sense higher energy and communicate with my higher wisdom and even to dialogue with Spirit for my healing and the healing and learning of others, BUT what is different is this:

Remembering the big picture goal of UNION with God, I will do my best not to put my psychic development before my desire to make contact with the Self and anchor it into this life. The good news is that remembering this core impulse of the soul will make me a stronger intuitive and meditator.

And that’s kinda why I wanted to jump on here this morning and share this thought. Because I really do think that when I prioritize the higher goals of Union with God/Absolute Reality (which is my higher self’s will for my life), then I SEE MORE in the higher dimensions, and I can travel a lot further. Hello…Win-Win!

Joining our personal will with divine will is the #1 key of a strong seeker. This energetic match will take you the furthest in your meditation practice. For more thoughts, check out my below video. And don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel 😉

That’s all for today, please leave in the comments section what works for you in meditation and in your spiritual development.

Happy Journeying,

Sis Satsuma

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