The Holy Magic of Water

Taking a move out of Egypt’s book and using water as a spiritual tool

As you may know, it’s Keys of Egypt week here at the Diaries, which means I’m talking about the Gifts of the Nile again today!

One of the main features of Egyptian spirituality that I’ve intuitively been shown in meditation is that their priests and priestesses were utilizing what looked like ceremonial bath houses for spiritual initiation.

That makes sense when you think about it. As I said in my big mamma jamma Keys of Egypt post, the element of water is closely associated with the feminine principle which governs and facilitates psychic or mystical experience. Water represents the subconscious, the emotional body and the creative waters of our Genesis. These are areas over which the cosmic feminine principle presides. Water mysteries therefore bring us closer to her, the Goddess. The divine feminine. The heavenly mother.

Here’s something to know before we go any further. Water takes on properties with which we imbue it. It’s affected by our consciousness. We can speak words into a vessel or a body of water, and it will carry that energy. Good or bad. That’s why priests pray over their holy water. They’re filling it with a certain level of intention and consciousness.

That being said, let’s look a few ways to use water spiritually…


One of the more practical ways to use water in your spiritual life is by adding some salts to a spray bottle of water (preferably glass) and perhaps a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Set an intention or prayer that this water clears negative, old, worn-out energy from anything and anyone it reaches. When you sage your house and clean it each week, be sure to spray this water around each room and actively visualize it clearing your space. You can spray it on your self too if needed to clear your aura quickly.

My guides have point-blank shown me that water is a clearing agent. It can declutter the energy in a space, but it does the same thing to our aura and minds, so get you some clarity and put that to use!

You can also call on the element of water in meditation and invite this psychic clearing in on the immaterial level. I’ve certainly felt it in my meditation. And I’m pretty sure I’ve never felt anything like it! It was a feeling of lightness, easiness. Clear-headedness. I felt like the space of my psyche was wide-open under the influence of water. Clarity is its main function, so explore that.


Perhaps a more ceremonial use of water is by making your own holy water. My mother and her sisters used to do this when they planned a night of prayer and healing. Take your salted water and put it in a vessel of some kind. Obviously, you can make the vessel as significant as you want. If you’re hoping to cleanse and bless a specific chakra or energy center in the body, you could use a vessel in the same color as that chakra. Blue bowl for blue chakra, Amber bowl for sacral chakra. Etcetera. Write a unique prayer out and speak it over the water. Know that your words have very real power. If you want to supercharge this water, invite the divine presence of God/Goddess to imbue it. Or even Archangle Michael. Especially if you plan to use it to clear negative energy, Michael’s divine protection would be a good energy to call on. You could even take the extra step of adding a certain crystal to this water. Like amethyst if you want it to be highly spiritualizing. Amethyst is related to the crown chakra and our connection to the higher soul. A clear quarts is always a powerful one, as it’s healing and clearing.

Supercharge this water if you want by placing it in the sun. This will energize it with prana, which will help restore life force to anyone who uses this water. Prana, chi, life force. Same thing, different names. It’s the energy or spirit flowing from the Source of all creation throughout the universe. We get it from the sun, and require it actually. Don’t be afraid to put those sun rays to intentional use in your spiritual practice. More on working with prana one day soon!

Next, apply this water to anything or anyone you wish to bless. My guides showed me in a vision a good way to do this. They showed a bouquet of flowers. Could be fresh lavender or flowers from your garden, or even stems from a tree. Tie those together with a piece of twine. Make sure you acknowledge the spirit of those plants when you pick the stems and thank them for being a part of your ceremony and spiritual work. My guides showed me to wet the stems in the holy water and sprinkle our feet or lower chakras with the consecrated water. We hold a lot of pain and fear in our lower chakras, and so they’re probably in extra need of blessing!

You can brush any part of your body with your holy water-dipped bouquet. This way, your getting a flower essence and the energy of the water into your aura. Feel free to bless any friends or family that are open to it with this holy water. Be sure to store it in air tight container if you plan to keep it. If you don’t plan to reserve some for anther day, go out to the yard and bless your garden with the remaining holy water. My guides showed me that too. That the elemental beings around our house would love to interact with us in this way.


I’ve already written about ritual baths on my Keys of Egypt post, but for those of you who haven’t seen it, here’s a recipe. Do like the Egyptians do and try a ritual bath:

  • First, fill your bathtub with warm water
  • Sprinkle in a high-quality salt like Himalyana pink salt. About 1 cup will do.
  • Apply essential oils to your bathwater. I like gentle oil like lavender. 20 or so drops. Whichever plant your oil is derived from, do spiritually ask for connection to the spirit of that plant. Offer gratitude first and ask it to offer you healing during your bath.
  • You could throw some organic bubble bath or apple cider vinegar in there. Whatever else will make you feel good and pampered.
  • Fresh flowers are a great addition if you don’t have skin allergies. Be sure to gently connect with the spirit of the plant before you pick it for your ritual bath and ask them to bless your water.
  • Light white candles around your bathtub and use intentions as you light them. Allow the light to represent the divine light you mean to connect to. Consider devoting a candle to God/Goddess as a tribute.
  • If you can find dry blue lotus in a tea or herbal formula, do sprinkle that into the bath or take before sleep for deeper spiritual connection with the divine. Blue and black sage may work as well.
  • Place your hands over the water and pray over it before you enter. This is when you visualize divine energy and love imbuing the water. Visualize divine presence flowing from the center of the cosmos, down into your spine, out of your hands and into the water.
  • Don’t forget music. Here’s a recommendation.

I hope these ideas have been helpful to you and have gotten you inspired to incorporate water into your spiritual practice. Have fun exploring.

I’ll be back soon with another mystical post. In the meantime, be well.

Lots of love,

Sis Satsuma

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