Inspired Creativity

What does creativity have to do with spirituality? These two areas of life are closely related in my opinion. Of course, plenty of people explore art in a secular way, but I think it’s really fascinating when these two otherwise disparate aspects of life intersect.

Firstly, I believe that pursuing those activities that bring us joy reunite us with divine presence. That’s because joy is resonant with God. Find that which brings you the most happiness and fulfillment. That’s your spiritual center.

For a lot of us, creativity and making art is that thing that brings us joy and makes us feel alive.

So, if creativity is one of your core passions.. here’s what you need to know. Those activities that bring us joy are not an accident. They are our spiritual gifts. They are gifts from the spiritual realm meant to nourish and guide us in this life. But they are also paths back to God. Back to our soul.

Consider this possibility: Your art is your spiritual work in this life.

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In my Inspired Creativity video, we discuss how making time for our art helps our spiritual gifts unfold. Here’s what we get into:

  1. Ask about your life purpose and spiritual gifts in meditation.
  2. Pursue that which brings you joy. That’s your spiritual center.
  3. Make time for your art every day. Even 10 minutes is enough.
  4. Practice discipline, and return to your art consistently. That’s how you’ll grow.

Resources mentioned in my video:

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

Cameron recommends taking yourself on an “artist date” once a week. This was my favorite take-away from her book. Regularly feeding your creative side with gallery visits or a movie by yourself is so special. Couldn’t agree more.

Daily Rituals: How Artists Work by Mason Currey

So glad I found this little gem in an Orcas Island book shop. This book showed me how much discipline my favorite writers in history had and how they made time for their practice. Pick this book up, and catch the wave of a more structured creative life. This was a game-changer for me. When I started waking up at 5am to write every day, I grew so much as an artist!

So, I’ll leave it there for today. You guys have a great weekend.

All my love,

Sis Satsuma

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