Falcon Totems of Egypt

Happy Keys of Egypt Week! We’re still going at it over here with all things Egypt. Today, I thought I’d share one of my favorite archetypes out of the Age of the Pharaohs. And that is the bird of prey totem.

The Egyptian god, Horus, is known as the falcon-headed sky god. He is son of Isis and Osiris. In some accounts of the myth, he was conceived magically after Osiris was murdered by his evil brother Set. Isis, as the story goes, casts a temporary resurrection spell long enough for Horus to be conceived.

After Horus is born, he and Isis avenge Osiris’ death together. Isis collects the many pieces of Osiris’ body and reassembles them. Some believe that the Goddess’s collection of Osiris’ body and his subsequent resurrection symbolically represents the soul’s journey: our process of recollecting with the help of the divine feminine the forgotten facets of our higher consciousness during the “sleep” of physical incarnation. That our remembrance of our higher consciousness leads ultimately to enlightenment and reunification with God, which in a sense gives us power over death like in Osiris’ story.

Falcon mix. ‘Phoenix’ by Cibelle

The heavens were so impressed with Isis’ devotion to Osiris even after his death, that they gave him power over death and made him king of the after-life. Which lines up with what I’ve seen of him in my meditations. He looks like the pharaoh, but he looks like he’s already in the underworld. His eyes glow blue and he looks undead somehow, but very kingly. Isis introduced me to him. They are great lovers from what I can tell.

So, these powerful deities created Horus, the falcon god. I have falcon and hawk totem in my life, and it’s powerful medicine so I thought I’d say a word about its meaning and use in our lives.

Falcon/hawk medicine is about sight and wide vision. They rule the air which represents the mind, discernment and thought. Falcon/hawk totem carriers will often be motivated to seek the big picture understanding of things. Birds of prey in general carry this medicine now that I think about it. Eagle flies higher than any other bird, so you could call on it too for this guidance.

My hawk guide is always in the astral with me in my mediation journeys. And it’s communicated with me that it helps me see in general but especially spiritually. It also helps me in the visual arts of drawing, photography and videography. It’s encouraged me to take on projects with other hawk-kind. Meaning other visual artists and deep thinkers.

To call on your falcon guide, ask the following questions in meditation…

  • What messages are available to me about falcon medicine?
  • Who is my falcon guide? What do they look like and what is their name?
  • What am I meant to see and understand spiritually at this time?
  • Where am I not seeing clearly?
  • Where do I need more clarity?
  • What messages about the element of air are available to me?
  • What type of psychic sight is my gift?
  • In what area of life do I have the most clarity from which to guide others?

PS, feel free to interchange falcon/hawk/eagle and notice the difference between their messages.

That’s all for now. I’ll be back soon with another mystical post!

Happy seeing to you,

Sis Satsuma


  1. lilaiamoreliwordsaresacred · May 22, 2020

    Thanks for sharing this! I’m not much familiar with Ehyptian mythology, so this is a great opportunity for me to learn more.

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