Cosmic Intuition

You can only discuss meditation and connecting with spirit guides so long without mentioning “cosmic guides.” That’s because many of us who’ve developed a consistent practice of sacred meditation have connected with spirit guides who appear as star guides or as inner guides who seem like they are from other parts of the cosmos. 

The topic of star guides is admittedly a stretch for a lot of people. I remember when I was first discovering meditation in 2013, intellectually accepting the concept of God (that there was a benevolent higher intelligence responsible for all of creation) was already a leap. But after developing a strong meditation practice, a lot of us find that inner guides come forward and they’re not always from this planet, time or even this star system. 

Is the “cosmic” experience right for me?

I say this a lot, but you can’t always help what you find on the inner planes. The “cosmic” experience may just be a part of your constitution. Maybe because you’re naturally open to it. Maybe because in past or parallel lives you’ve already discovered this aspect of consciousness. Who really knows.

But it’s also safe to say that opening cosmic intuition won’t be for every meditator. If it’s something you’re meant to explore, it will be pretty clear. Here’s how to tell if this is right for you:

Does this topic accelerate your desire to learn and explore? Does the idea that you could come across inter-dimensional beings excite you and would it somehow expand you in a positive way or bring you peace? 

That’s how it felt when I first stumbled onto this possibility in meditation. And now, years into my spiritual development, I have a strong connection to my cosmic guides, and it is in fact as rewarding an experience as I had initially expected. Realizing the cosmic aspect of my consciousness put a lot in perspective for me and has brought a lot of good into my life. 

Things to Know

So, in case you’re still with me and feeling interested, I’ll share a few things that I think are important to know about cosmic intuition:

1. About cosmic guides

Just like we can have spirit guides that are Earth-based, like inner shamans or monks, we can also have inner guides appear to us that seem to originate from remote parts of the cosmos. Some refer to cosmic beings as inter-dimensional or extra-terrestrial. Use whatever term feels right for you. I’ve also heard “star people” or “star guide.”

Once you circulate enough in the cosmic consciousness conversation, you’ll eventually hear the term “starseed” thrown around. This is a way some of the spiritual community describe people who’ve opened their cosmic intuition. Which is just to say that they’ve opened their psychic experiences to include contact from beings that don’t necessarily originate in our star system or planet. Maybe they recall past or parallel lives from other worlds. Maybe they can recall their star ancestors or their soul’s unique incarnation through the stars. 

There’s a lot to know within this topic, but one thing I think is important to mention at the outset is that I think it’s important to acknowledge an order of operations in terms of spiritual unfoldment. 

While I think it’s super cool and exciting to open to cosmic guides and psychic experience, I think it’s most important to establish a really strong, consistent meditation practice where you have built a rock-solid intention that you wish to connect with “Absolute Truth” and with God (or the source of creation, unconditional love and truth) BEFORE you start exploring cosmic consciousness.

I think a strong connection to the divine should come before all the novel layers of psychic development. That way, you have a trust-worthy compass with which to navigate the seemingly endless world of cosmic intuition.

2. They’ve been helping us all along.

The first time my cosmic guides came through, they wanted me to know that they’d been coming to our world for a long time. But that those in power didn’t want their presence widely known. Without getting too negative, that’s likely because many of the leaders of this world know that their ability to hold onto their unchecked power hinges on our staying in the dark about how powerful consciousness is, about our true nature as multi-dimensional and highly telepathic beings. 

My guides wanted me to know right away that because of this massive cover-up and corruption that there would eventually be a degree of social collapse once the truth came out. They’ve asked me, and I think this is a question for all of us, what kind of world will we rebuild. What kind of world do we want going forward? What would a world look like that was built on the pillars of spiritual connection and truth?

They’ve shared with me that Earth is a difficult place to exist and that we should all bless each and every creature (no matter how small and seemingly insignificant) for such a brave decent into a world as dense as ours. Earth is a place of deep soul forgetting. It’s easy to get lost and to completely forget the realm of spirit and the true nature of the soul entirely. But our cosmic guardians want us to know that they will never leave us. They are always right there. Assisting as much as they are able without violating our free will. 

As far as I can tell, their energy is one of family. It feels like they are us. When I’m ending a session with my star guides, there is so much palpable love between us and a deep, heart-felt connection. Look for that feeling in your own meditations with cosmic guides.  

3. How to connect

Counter-intuitively, the way to travel extensively or see deeply into the higher-realms is by grounding deeply here in your Earthly incarnation. Spiritual seekers often find this difficult, because we are by nature more comfortable in the intellectual, emotional and astral bodies. 

A lot of us have to work at really inhabiting our physical bodies. But it’s worth the effort, because this is a major key in strengthening intuition. I believe this is because the more well-being we have in our current reality, the more our guides feel we can “handle” on the other side. Also, when we’re stable and grounded here, we can carry and anchor more energy from the higher realms. I think a strong connection to Earth and our lower 3 chakras, helps us translate higher energies in a way that makes sense to the human mind.

So, I hope I’ve made a decent case for grounding as a means to ascend higher. I’ve already written extensively about how to ground, so follow those basic protocols, and I think you’ll find that you accelerate your cosmic intuition. Here are a few tips to get you on your way to grounding more:

  • Practice yoga (my guides point-blank told me yoga is the way to build up cosmic psychic strength. It all goes back to managing higher levels of life-force or prana in the body)
  • Walk outside
  • Get barefoot in the grass (earthing)
  • Take a clay supplement
  • Get in the sunshine and out in nature
  • Eat whole foods
  • Visualize roots growing from you and into the Earth before meditation
  • Visualize divine energy or communication traveling all the way down into your lower 3 chakras when you meditate

4. Why does cosmic intuition matter?

Someone new to this topic may be trying to figure out how cosmic intuition fits into the larger framework of spirituality. I know I was asking this quietly to myself for years. 

Now, a few years into this type of intuition, I feel confident saying that cosmic content is an important part of the picture. Here are a few key truths that cosmic contact allows us to integrate on a deep level:

  • The universe is full of spiritually advanced beings. When we encounter advanced races, we understand our own higher potential. This is a big bang of sorts. It’s a big deal to learn that we have the same potential and inherent ability to connect telepathically to all beings. To travel outside of time. To remember our true origins. To remember inter-galactic history. All the mistakes and victories over the cycles of universal time. In a large way, life on Earth is about resolving and integrating larger themes and stories that started a long time ago in the cosmos.  
  • Using intuition to open to the larger cosmic story of our souls will also open us to the true history of the human race. A lot of the human story has been lost to formal history, or at least as far as I can tell psychically. I’ve seen that our genetics have been altered many times and how resilient we’ve been in the face of those interventions. I’ve also seen powerful civilizations of earth history where humans have exhibited much higher levels of consciousness and spiritual integration. I’ve seen the collapse of those civilizations, like in Atlantean times. In those forgotten aspects of our story are keys for humanity’s awakening. Unlocking those stories may help us avoid certain pitfalls with technology and warfare that we failed to transcend in the past. 
  • At the end of the day, connecting with star guides is a homecoming of sorts. Our cosmic guides are our soul family. They are us, and connecting with them is the process of integrating long-forgotten parts of ourselves. 

I hope this helps as you begin to explore cosmic consciousness or if you’re just looking to develop a little more in this area. Please do reach out if you have questions about this topic or need some pointers as to how to unlock this aspect of your meditation practice:

Also, check out this video where I go into detail about my cosmic contact experience..

Lots of love to you all, and happy connecting. Be sure to leave in the comments section below any tips you may have about cosmic intuition and how you’ve successfully connected to your star guides.

Sister Satsuma


  1. Bryan Wagner · April 4, 2020

    Beautiful. What a wonderful experience!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Conrad · April 6, 2020

    Beautiful work! I look forward to a moment of peace where I can journey. Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

  3. AmyRose🌹 · April 21, 2020

    SO happy for you that you have found the true way to live. I myself have an Inner Guidance that never steers me wrong. Even if something does not makes sense, I follow what I am being directed to do. The Sacred Connection is how I live my life! And yes eating the “right” foods is very important. Bless you for understanding what this Connection is. xo

    Liked by 1 person

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