Cosmic Intuition | Q&A

I’m one of the lucky ones. I’m fortunate enough to have an online group of mystic-friends. A group where we share our most transcendent meditations, our super out-there psychic experiences and deep, probably unanswerable spiritual questions.

This community has been so nourishing to me, and keeps me super checked into my spiritual life. For a long time, I was going the meditation path alone, so now that I’ve found it, my little community of mystics is mucho important to me!

I wanted to share a little with you guys about what we’re up to over there. This week, we’re generating some dialogue and answering a list of Cosmic and Intuitive questions under the #starseed tag – which just means we’re talking about cosmic consciousness.

I’ve answered these questions on my Youtube channel, so if you want to make yourself a cup of tea and hear my super weird-but-true cosmic contact experiences, check it.

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to make contact with advanced beings from the stars? Well, it is actually. Prolonged meditation, y’all.

Here’s a preview of some of the Q&A

* Have you ever had an abduction experience?

No abduction experiences here. But a couple years ago, in a meditation, I was taken up in a ship into space. It was my first in-space psychic experience. I was then told in the vision that I was a part of a lineage of reptilian/amphibian beings who specialized in inter-dimensional communication. They looked humanoid but had cool chameleon-like ridges on the sides of the head. That was the first real psychic message I received from my star lineage. Cosmic visions sort of poured in after that.

* What was the first memory you had of a past or parallel life on another planet?

When dialoguing with my Egyptian guides, I retook their Sirius initiation, which sent me in meditation on a journey through the cosmos to Sirius. I met a council of Orcas whales in that vision, and they showed me that I was one of them. There was a lot of affection between us. It was my star family. I’ve also had lots of dreams with whales, dolphins and mer-folk.

* What is your starseed lineage?

I’m not sure in what order to list my connection to off-world civilizations, but here goes. I have deep origins in Sirius, which is a cosmic birthplace for life on Earth. Many of the codes for life here were created there. Or at least that’s what I see in meditation. Sirius is a stargate and an anchor for the divine feminine, so there is a wide diversity of beings there. Lionine, canine, cat beings, aquatic beings, bird beings, and more.

Then, I also had past life experiences in both Orion and Andromeda. In Orion, there was a large clash of energies. It was a place of deep polarization between the masculine and feminine. And I was serving in a peace-keeping role. Andromeda is where my amphibian lineage comes from. There’s a lot of structure there and rapid manifestation, because it’s a cosmic anchor for the divine masculine.

After that, I know I have experiences in the Pleiades and Venus. My visions from Venus seem very mer-folk. I don’t know that I’ve had explicit visions of Pleiades yet.

Then, I came to Earth and first had an elemental experience through the fae. To connect with Gaia in the realm of nature first. Some of my first human incarnations were during the time of Atlantis, where I was a facilitator of Goddess circles or the honoring of the divine feminine.

After the fall of Atlantis (which I’ve seen in meditation), I incarnated into a priest class in Egypt, where we re-anchored the spiritual modalities of Atlantis. High technology and advanced spiritual practices that honored both the divine feminine and masculine and of course cosmic consciousness.

* What led you to pursue meditation and psychic development?

I had a spontaneous kundalini awakening in 2013 after the end of a big relationship in my life and my father passing away. For 2 weeks, I felt viscerally that all humans were a part of one self. I couldn’t see otherwise. Eventually, I came back down to Earth so to speak, but I knew something BIG had just happened to me. I meditated as much as I could after that and have not let up since.

*With which deity or face of God are you most familiar?

The Holy Mother as seen through Mother Mary and Isis of Egypt. The feminine face of God appears to me often, as that aspect of the Godhead has been largely forgotten in the last Piscean age and in the West to a large extent.

Y’all, I told you these questions are out-there. If it’s strange and little-known, I’m kinda here for it. I hope this Cosmic Q&A got your wheels turning a bit. You can open your cosmic consciousness too if you haven’t already. Check out my Cosmic Intuition post to learn more.

Feel free to leave in the comments section an experience you’ve had with star guides or memories of off-world lives.

Happy travels,

Sis Satsuma

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