Are Ghosts Real?

Check out my Haunted House story in the short video below and decide for yourself.

Who can resist telling ghost stories this time of year? For a lot of us, encountering strange phenomena in a spiritually active (a.ka. haunted) house was the first moment we really considered the possibility of the other side.

Here’s why I think ghost stories are so important. It’s because they are reminders that we have a soul. That there’s more to this life than science and materialism can explain.

I’ve had many loved ones pass away already, so the fact that souls come and go in this life has been a part of my worldview for a while. Even still, experiencing ghosts and haunted houses never fails to surprise me OR spook me honestly.

For many spiritually sensitive people (also known as mystics or intuitives), paranormal activity will be more readily apparent for better or worse. The main thing to remember when we feel we’re experiencing psychic activity that we didn’t ask for is this: as soon as you own the fact that you are an intuitive person (a.k.a more psychically open than others) the faster you will learn how to manage these experiences and give them more structure like on times and off times.

This goes for anyone who struggles with sleep paralysis. I had this for many years, until I started intentionally working with my intuition in meditation. Then, my fitful dreaming calmed way down and stopped being frightening.

So, remember: until you start wielding your spiritual gifts consciously and intentionally, they will wield you (in the form of weird experiences like no boundaries for empaths, scary nighttime experiences for mediums, fitful dreaming for clairvoyants, etc.).

In the below ghost story, I talk about lucid dreaming, sleep paralysis and false awakenings. I also talk about my friend’s haunted privately-owned plantation.

Ghost stories are powerful, despite sometimes being a bit spooky, because they are usually our first big confrontations with the spirit world. They are affirmations of the other side and that we are at bottom spiritual beings.

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Happy October,

Sis Satsuma

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  1. Bryan Wagner · October 16, 2020

    Nice, thanks for this. I also like the fact that ghost stories give us a frame of reference that reminds us that the universe is a mystery. There is much we don’t know and cannot observe. For me that keeps me aware of examining something from conclusion and staying in the Zen “Don’t know mind.”

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