My Ghost Story

Have you ever had an experience with a spirit in the house? For a lot of us, experiences with ghosts are the moments that clue us in to the possibility of the “other side.”

In this ghost story, I tell how I encountered a poltergeist in my ex-boyfriend’s house. This spirit messed with electricity in the room and opened and closed cabinets. They would rap on wooden furniture just to get a rise out of us. Spirits like this can often be mischievous and harrassing. But not all spirits are negative.

Sometimes what we think are “ghosts” are more like echos left in time by people who used to live in the space or with the object for many years. Their psychic imprint can sometimes hang around and be sensed by others.

Remember, any time you feel unsafe in the presence of a spirit (or in any para-normal situation) you can affirm your oneness with God and Divine Presence to re-balance your energy. You can do this by using affirmation or saying a common prayer like the Our Father. Sage and salt work too.

Have you ever had an experience with a ghost? If so, leave your story in the comments section below.

Happy October,

Sis Satsuma

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