Lion Totems in Egypt

It’s Keys of Egypt week here at Satsuma Diaries. Each day, I’ll be making a post about the spiritual legacy of Egypt and how we can put to use their traditions to benefit our personal spiritual growth and healing.

Today, we’re examining Egypt’s deep relationship with the archetype of the lion.

Just to put this in proper context, mystics regard animal medicine as very important to the development of human consciousness. Each animal represents a different emanation of the Godhead or Highest Principle of Reality. Each animal has a teaching.

When I’ve tuned into Egypt, I see the lion archetype all over the place. I see their Holy Mother, Isis, with lion guides a lot. This is more than just a cool image. What does lion represent to the soul? When I’ve tuned in psychically to that question, this is what I’ve gotten:

The lion totem reminds us of our own divinity. Lion spirit never forgets that it is connected to God and one with God. This is where the lion totem’s royalty comes in. All children of God have the seed of royalty in them.

In meditation, the lion spirit explains to me that, counter to popular opinion, it does not consider itself a king/queen above others. Rather, all are equally royal.

The lion totem also carries the spiritual codes for leadership and protection. The core belief and knowing that the soul is always one with God is incredibly empowering. The soul draws its power from the Light of God and therefore can handle any danger or darkness. This is where Lion’s courage stems from. In this way, lion guides are very powerful and protective. They have a healthy warrior energy.

Their protective nature is why we see them in Egypt. What my intuitive meditations have shown me about Egypt is that they were incredibly adventurous. Their pyramids were portals that harnessed cosmic energies from different planets and star systems. Lion guides came around their mystics to keep dark energies from coming into the world at that time through their pyramid structures.

Specifically, Egyptian spiritualists were channeling the Sirius star system for greater insight and growth. There are a lot of different beings in the Sirius system, because it’s a stargate. And lion beings are there too. Lion beings are offering spiritual protection and structured leadership there because Sirius is a very cosmically diverse and active location.

Curious how the lion totem can aid you in your spiritual development?

I’ve had the good fortune to meet my lion spirit guide. It was one of my first teachers. Call on your inner lion helpers to build your “I am” presence. Your sense of self. Lion is closely associated with the divine masculine, which in its healthy expression honors the holiness of self expression and personal truth. Knowing deeply who we are, what our gifts are and what themes we’re meant to explore in this life is the very foundation of spiritual development and world service.

Here are some questions to ask your personal lion guide in meditation:

  • What do you look like and what is your name?
  • What is my life purpose?
  • What are my spiritual gifts in this life?
  • What themes am I meant to explore in this life?
  • What messages are available about lion medicine?

I hope this quick peak into Egyptian spirituality has been interesting and helpful. Egypt’s deep relationship with the lion archetype is not an accident. They were working with lion guides. To embody their spiritual strength and power. To reach Sirius. And to channel the cosmos safely.

If you’re into this Keys of Egypt thing, do check out my big mamma-jamma Egypt post where I go into all things Egypt.


Sis Satsuma

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