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How to stay healthy in a high tech world

As a mystic and healer, I make it my business to achieve optimum wellness in my life and assist others on their healing journeys. As a meditator, I have established a strong connection with my higher wisdom and inner guides who advise me on my daily actions and life path. Over the years, I’ve received lots of positive news and tips from my inner wisdom, but I’ve also received some messages regarding potential dangers to my bodily health and psychic system.

Since this blog is dedicated to sharing tips about how to advance consciousness through meditation, technologies that cause potential harm to our psychic wellness is relevant. Without being too alarmist, I’ll share some research I’ve found on the topic of how EMF and heavy metals effect our bodies.

**Before going too far into challenging or potentially alarming medical articles, I would suggest taking a few deep breaths and surrounding yourself with a strong sense of peace. Divine peace if possible. The following content is for your consideration and empowerment, but I wouldn’t recommend reading it without being centered and grounded. **

Electromagnetic Frequency

Lord knows I am not a scientist. I cannot speak extremely in depth about the health effects of electromagnetic frequency. But when my guides tipped me off to this concern, I started to research in the medical journals.

Here’s what I found:

Appeals that matter or not on a moratorium on the deployment of the fifth generation, 5G, for microwave radiation – an article in Molecular and Clinical Oncology from March 2020. Written by a Lennart Hardell, a Swedish oncologist. He writes that the governing body that was established by the World Health Organization to consider the health effects of EMF and 5G is not considering non-thermal radiation of EMF technologies, which ignores a large body of science that shows non-thermal radiation is the main source of bodily harm. Unfortunately, unless this commission considers non-thermal radiation, they are not operating in the public’s best interest.

World Health Organization, radiofrequency radiation and health – a hard nut to crack (Review) – an article where Hardell explains in the International Journal for Oncology that the commission to evaluate health effects of EMF is an industry-loyal body and is therefore riddled with conflict of interest issues.

BioInitiative Report, a collection of relevant science to be considered in the proliferation of increased EMF exposure and roll-out of 5G networks. The BioInitiative Working Group issued December 19, 2016 a ‘No Confidence’ Letter to the WHO EMF Program Manager.

You get the point, right? There’s some science out there. But I won’t list it endlessly. Go ahead and jump into the national health library at and search “EMF and health effects.”

Lastly, here’s a nice PDF that has collected most of the relevant medical scholarship related to EMF. It’s a bit of a read, but it’s organized by type of harm to the body, so you can scroll to sections you deem most important. I would think immune system and neurological effects would be most pressing. Feel free to go right to Appendix 2, which is where the studies are listed in order.

Things you can do to mitigate damage from wifi producing devices:

Y’all, I’m not going the way of the Luddite and giving up my phone and computer. I’m just not. But I am taking some steps to limit my exposure. Here are a few tings you might consider:

  • Sleep with your cell phone in the other room. Use an alarm clock to wake up instead.
  • Experiment with not keeping your cell in your pocket or right by your body at all times. I’ve even started leaving it at the house, when we go out, which has been weirdly refreshing. Especially on evening walks.
  • Try to move the computers to a room that is not the bedroom. Or at least shut them all the way down at night. The modems can produce frequencies that could inhibit sleep and other healing functions that take place at night.

Heavy Metal Exposure

There are surely bodily problems that can come up with heavy metal exposure, but my inner guides have explained also that aluminum and other heavy metals can block our psychic glands. I know how that sounds. It sounds unscientific perhaps, but there you go. My guides have been right about a lot of things over the years, so I’ve come to trust what I get in meditation. I’ve heard it over and over from my guides that over-exposure to aluminum needs to be remedied, especially for those of us who use our psychic system to help others.

Here’s a few medical articles and sources to get your wheels turning on this:

Agency for Toxic Substances

How Cilantro can decrease heavy metal concentrations in the body

An article linking aluminum in deodorant to breast disease

Another about aluminum and urgent call from medical scientists to limit exposure

An article about using metals as a vaccine preservative. I’m not against vaccines, I think the technology of vaccination has been an overwhelmingly positive one for the world, but we need to improve our manufacturing standards, and we likely need to space out the shots to allow the human immune system to absorb the shock. PS, the medical associations have published extensive reporting that they believe that the heavy metal content of vaccinations is below the level that would be harmful to the human body. Just want to put that out there. Also, there was a metallic preservative that the medical scholars deemed highly carcinogenic (thimerosal) and so there was political will to make its use illegal after the science backed up the concern. Just so you know, that’s where a lot of the anti-vaccination rhetoric comes from. I suppose the public lost trust in the science during that time, but I don’t think throwing out vaccination is the answer. I do think a healthy amount of critical thinking is healthy for the public to have in this discussion. Wish the issue wasn’t so polarized, so we could have an actual discussion.

You get the idea. Heavy metals are a known toxin. There’s plenty of science out there to read and learn from. Do what you can to inform yourself, but maybe don’t shun the medical establishment entirely. I see lots of ethical medical research happening in the health libraries and journals to understand the dangers more fully. Vaccination is an imperfect science of course. I think its good outweighs its bad, but we need to be very watchful of manufacturing.

Maybe metal exposure from vaccination isn’t too much for the body to handle, but it’s the cumulative exposure in the entirety of our life that is the real issue. The metals in our waters, diets, medicines and vaccines, and lord.. the fillings in our mouth (not ideal).

Here are some ways to limit your metal exposure:

  1. Get a Berkey water filter. My boyfriend and I just got ours, and it’s LOVELY.
  2. Don’t use aluminum-based deodorants. This is so hard, you guys. No one wants to give up deodorant, but give some healthier brands a shot. Start with some WholeFoods brands maybe. Let me know if you find a natural one that works. The struggle is real.
  3. Some take nascent iodine to reverse calcification of the pineal gland. I don’t know where that science is, but hey. Look it up and see what you find.
  4. Take your seafood consumption down if you can. Mercury in the water can leach into the fish unfortunately.
  5. Guides told me and then medical journals confirmed that CILANTRO is a great detoxifier of heavy metals. Sprinkle on salads and sandwiches and soups. Really, wherever you can.

Extra Credit

For any especially studious readers, here are a couple of medical journal articles I could find discussing fluoride and its effect on health and pineal gland function:

Fluoride Exposure in Early Life as the Possible Root Cause of Disease In Later Life

Fluoride concentrations in the pineal gland

Fluoride-Free Diet Stimulates Pineal Growth

Fluoride exposure and kidney and liver function among adolescents in the United States

**Please note that I couldn’t find any medical research justifying taking nascent iodine to reverse pineal calcification. Plenty of places said it would, but I couldn’t find it in the medical journals. I did find where it will help with thyroid function. Better off getting a fluoride filter for your water and getting un-fluoridated toothpaste for prevention.**

I suppose I’ll leave it there for today. Please don’t let any of this over-worry you. We live in a complicated world, and we’re sharing our natural resources and lands with corporations that don’t always factor health into their operations. We all just have to do the best we can to inform ourselves and mitigate what damage we can.

At the end of the day, I plan to focus more on what is going right with this world and all the positive things I can do to strengthen my health. Stay grateful, stay informed.

Quick chat on EMF and metals.

Health and happiness to you,

Sis Satsuma


  1. Bryan Wagner · July 22, 2020

    Thanks for this. I have been following information on metals ever since I read a WHO article on the amount of aluminum found during autopsies of those suffering from Alzheimer’s. The medical community knows that metals have something to do with it. Thanks again.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. da-AL · August 30, 2020

    great info – even elec utility bills come with warnings about emfs…

    Liked by 1 person

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