Elementals & the Fairy Realm

+ How to strengthen your connection to nature spirits

Cocoon Transit by sessionsblue.com

It’s safe to say that most of us as children were raised at least in part with a tradition of the fairy tale. Stories by C. S. Lewis, Tolkein or Grimm likely lined our nursery bookshelves and filled our youthful daydreaming with magical, mysterious beings from the nature kingdom.

Notions of the fairy realm have long captured imaginations and inspired countless folk tales in every corner of the globe. But, sadly, the very idea of the fae is eventually set aside by most adults as merely a fiction meant to pacify and entertain children. Such is life in a world that struggles to accept anything that challenges the dominant Western hegemony of materialism and rationalism.

This is of course the age-old struggle between science and religion, but hopefully humanity will find a way to make space for both material science and metaphysics some day soon. Until then, those of us who can connect with elementals (and other immaterial guides for that matter) will continue to do so and hope that this rather boring and damaging stalemate between the disciplines will relax a bit.

To be sure, there was a time when belief in the fairy realm, or “the fair folk” as they’re sometimes called, was widely accepted and commonplace. In fact, in some places, there still remains a true belief or at least a cultural nod to elemental beings.

Like in Iceland, where conservationists lobby to restrict traffic in certain areas that are known to be inhabited by elementals. Or in Ireland, in the not so distant past, where Yeats went trotting about collecting accounts of the fair people for his Fairy and Folk Tales of the Irish People.  

Whether or not they’re considered to exist within the mainstream, many highly sensitive people (children, mystics, meditators, clairvoyants and contemplatives of any tradition, etc.) continue to experience phenomena that can only be attributed to the elemental realm. 

It so happens that I am one such person. Once I developed a consistent meditation practice, I began to experience the fair folk psychically. I believe that by cultivating the right states of consciousness, others can connect to the elemental planes as well. 

That’s why I have compiled a few things to consider if you’re looking to strengthen your connection to the elemental realm.

1. About Elemental Beings

Simply put, elementals are beings that are connected to the nature kingdom. Just like you’d expect, there are different beings associated with all four elements of our planet: water, fire, air, and earth. 

You can connect to elementals in meditation and ask them to teach you about their world, and you can also research them on your own in books or online. I recommend doing both but really leaning into your personal contact experiences as your primary source of education. That’s because (and this is true for almost any paranormal topic) everyone’s experience of the fae is unique. A couple of sources that I found interesting are. 1. Guardians of the Celtic Way 2. Magic of Findhorn and 3. this site has some basic entries on various beings in every element, which I think will be good to review. But there are others like it, so take your pick!

2. How to connect

You can connect to elemental beings just as you can connect to your spirit guides in meditation. Set up your meditation as usual, and then use a specific intention or prayer to call the fae in. Something like this could work:

“Guides, what messages are available from my elemental/fae/elven guides?”

“Guides, what Earth messages are available to me?”

“Guides, which is my primary element and what is its medicine for me?”

The above exercise is an active meditation to connect. I do want to mention here that when I ask for elemental messages in meditation, animals that are associated with that element will come in with messages or as symbols. So, just know to expect that.

An example of a specific active meditation exercise is psychometry. I was doing this before I knew what to call it, and it has proven to be rather useful. Psychometry is the art of psychically tuning into an object by making physical contact with it. So, if you want to connect to the spirit of a plant for example, you take a leaf from the plant and make yourself receptive to its contact for 3-5 minutes. This worked surprisingly well for me. I learned it from Opening to Channel.

Check out my video where I describe in detail how to incorporate this practice:

3. Elemental medicine

It stands to reason that if elemental beings tend to the natural world that any medicine available from plants could be considered “elemental medicine.”

To start, herbalism as a healing tradition seems like a good modality to check out if you’re interested in working with elementals therapeutically.

But beyond the medicine of mint for digestion or lavender for anxiety or Passion flower as a sleep aid, my understanding is that elementals are teachers to the human realm with a broad therapeutic effect of keeping us connected to the planet – which has major implications for our well-being.

They’ve come into my meditations even without my asking and have offered guidance to “stay grounded,” providing various symbolism that was meant to help me root more into the earth which they explain is important during the next few decades as the planet transitions out of a shadow or dark age and into a light age. More on what some call “ascension” soon.

So, do work with them specifically to tap into this broader medicine of “grounding.” Ask them in meditation how you might stay attuned to the earth.

Also, like I said above, animals can come into elemental meditations (at least for me) so expect to connect to the therapeutic effects of animal medicine in these journeys.

4. Elementals have a cosmic aspect too

I’ve also seen in meditation that elemental beings aren’t limited to just Earth, and this makes sense when you think about it. They’ve shown me that elemental energy is what creates worlds in the realm of matter. They took me on a journey once where they showed me how they took the form of an entire planet. In this way, I consider elementals to be cosmic beings too. 

My understanding is that fairy beings are different from but related to elven beings. One of my favorite mystics, Gigi Young, has found in her meditations that elven beings represent the archetype of higher mind, while the fairy realm holds the archetypes of the higher heart. Elves are teachers, while fairies activate our emotional bodies and hearts deeply. I wouldn’t have thought to describe the difference in quite that way, but I think it’s a smart way to view their relationship to us!

I should also note that as soon as I started asking for elven guides in meditation, the main response I received was that the elven beings I was connected to were cosmic. Yes, you heard me right. Star elves! My elven counterparts were engaged in cosmic peace-making, interestingly enough.

And most of the time when elven consciousness is around in meditation, it is accompanied by dragon energy. The dragon energy has only come in symbolically, but it has been clear enough to communicate that the eleven and dragon beings are brethren. So, as I discussed in my Cosmic Intuition video, I have made contact with my star guides in general. And at least some of them seem to be elven. This was a huge surprise to me, as I’d never heard of a “star elf” as I’ve come to call them. 

But as we in the spiritual community like to say “as above, so below.” If elven, elemental and dragon energies are available to us on the earth realm, those archetypes must surely exist on the cosmic level. So, keep an open mind about these energies. Your desire to make contact may take you much further than any nursey fairy story may have suggested. 

Photo by Free Nature Stock on Pexels.com

5. Ask explicitly for only “benevolent” elemental beings

The last thing I’ll say about connecting to the elemental realm (and this goes for any intuitive meditation), do expressly ask to connect to only benevolent nature spirits. Those who work on the positive spectrum to assist the human realm. 

I’ve gotten a few glimpses of neutral nature spirits (never malevolent, but surely they exist), and they’re not scary per se, but you can feel that they’re not what you would describe as innocent either. Most nature spirits you want to be connecting with for learning and spiritual purposes will have a pure, warm, innocent or even childlike energy. Stick to that. 

I’ve mentioned before how to discern a higher guide from a lower spiritual being in meditation, so refer to that article. The short of it is this: you can tell when you don’t have a nice being on your hands. They feel kinda like the jerk at the party. You can just reset the meditation when that happens and shift your energy to be more confident in your resonance with divine protection, peace and the source of universal love …that should phase-shift you up to a higher vibration where only high-level guides will come through. Nothing to fear though. Coming into contact with negative or snarky beings in the astral shouldn’t happen often if you know how to build an atmosphere of peace within, but if it does (and it happens to all of us occasionally), it’s nothing more than a bad dream. You are always the one in control. Just simply wake yourself up out the dream when you don’t like the tone.

I know this is getting a bit lengthy, so I will end my entry here. There’s more to say on elementals of course, so I’ll be sure to come back to this conversation soon.

In the meantime, please leave in the comments section any experiences you’ve had with nature spirits, elementals, the fae or elven consciousness!

Thank you for reading. And best to you in your meditation practice.

If you have questions about the process of connecting with your guides in meditation, I’m available at sissatsuma@gmail.com.


– Sis Satsuma


  1. Bryan Wagner · April 27, 2020

    Fascinating. Thanks for this. Wind is my totem found by trial. I love the wind and the multiplicity of sounds it makes against whatever is resisting the wind. Wind in the pines sound different and feels different than wind on the open field.

    Liked by 1 person

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