What to expect when connecting with your guides

I thought now would be a good time to discuss some practical features of connection with spirit guides.

After a few weeks of sitting in meditation with just the simple goal of feeling peace all throughout your system and a sense of divine love, you may feel inspired to open and receive communication from your helpers in the spirit realm.

A lot of the meditation community call these helpers “spirit guides.” I’ll use that term for the sake of conversation. Just know that ultimately they are one with you on a soul level, and they have the task of assisting you from the immaterial, inner realms. In older paradigms, mystics would refer to guides as their “angels.” Also know that you have a primary guide, or a helper who is with you your whole life, and then you have a team of helpers that come in for specific times in your life.

Okay, that’s at least a starting point. I’ll be sure to share more about spirit guides in the future (because there are a lot of different types), but for now let’s continue on about what you can expect when connecting with your guides.

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Active vs. Passive Meditation

And why we need both in our practice.

For anyone interested, I speak in detail about the meditation routine I employee in my “How I Meditate” video. Check it out.

Active Meditation 

Active meditation in a spiritual context is a working meditation. It’s any sitting wherein you have a question for your higher soul, inner guides or for God/Source. The point is to receive communication. 

In short, what one of these sessions entails is getting your mind still and quiet, softening or letting go and expanding your subtle senses wide enough to receive input or impressions. You need to be relaxed and surrendered to your higher power in this state for communication to flow to you unobstructed. This is the ultimate trust fall. 

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The Basics of Meditation

When I started meditating in 2013, the way forward wasn’t super clear.

I just knew I was onto something.

Now, 7 years into my practice, I’m so glad I went down this road. Meditation has been the single most important and rewarding aspect of my life since I began exploring it. Every year that I practice, the benefits to my general wellbeing and my sense of spiritual development seem only to increase. My experience on a daily basis is one of deep peace, grounded happiness and an organic mysticism.

When I started my practice back in 2013, I vacillated between different forms of meditation. Because, honestly, I had no idea where to start. I had a friend who gave me some general pointers, but mostly I was on my own. So, I basically tried a little bit of everything.

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