Animal Totems

How to connect with your animal guides

You can’t circulate in spiritual circles for too long without the topic of animal guides coming up. And there’s a reason for that. Discovering your inner helpers and teachers in meditation is fundamental to fully understanding your life theme and soul purpose.

As I’ve said many times, everyone who practices daily prolonged sacred meditation for several weeks in a row, will ultimately meet their inner guides. You have to put the time in. And that’s no small feet. But once you do, the fireworks start.

As a reminder, your guides can be anything. Old school shamans, an enlightened master like Buddha or Jesus, angels, advanced cosmic beings or past life family members. But what most of us find is that we also have a handful of inner animal helpers that come in very close.


You usually have one or two primary animal guides. That’s the animal archetype that best reflects the energy of your life theme. You both are exploring the same quality or essence of the Godhead. You’ll go really deep with your primary animal guide, and you’ll know they’re your #1 because they’ll be in the majority of your meditation experiences if you look for them. For me, it’s hawk and fox.


Then of course you can have several other animal teachers and helpers that come to you to share specific wisdom as needed. These guides can come in and out of your life for specific periods of time. For example, bear may come to you if you’re going through something especially transformative and need to take time to yourself to hibernate and retreat. Or lion may come close in the inner space to help you find your voice and learn your soul purpose.


Animals share the material realm with us, so they have direct experience to share. They are also great teachers because they communicate energetically and telepathically rather than verbally. Their contact is very to the point and direct in my experience. You’ll encounter a feeling and then it will automatically register as a succinct concept. I love that about animal communication. Animals are master telepaths.

Animals have specific medicine to offer, just like other spirit beings, because they represent various emanations of God. Each animal represents a different quality or structure of Divine Personality, as I like to call it. Integrating and honoring each aspect of the divine is how we ascend into a full reunification with the higher soul, so traveling through the full spectrum of animal archetypes will serve you in your spiritual unfolding and advancement.

So, if you haven’t already connected with your animal guides, here’s what I recommend:

  1. Ask “Who is my primary animal guide?” in meditation and during dream time. Write the question out in a notebook to strengthen your inquiry and then get in your psychic zone and see what you get. Might be cool to sit or dream with this question for up to a week.

2. If you’re not to the point where you’ve established clear communication with your inner guides in a way that would allow you to journey with this question yourself, you can always have an intuitive do a reading for you about who your guides are. I’m happy to offer readings on a pay what you can basis. Email me at But I do want to emphasize that you CAN get these answers yourself with enough disciplined meditation. That’s why I started this blog. To encourage more people to develop their personal spiritual gifts and receive direct guidance and wisdom from their own soul.

3. Devote a candle, a story or a drawing or some other offering to an animal guide that you wish to connect with. These actions (like all ritualistic practices) strengthen your intention to connect, because they prime your psyche to be in a ceremonial, receptive state.


Everyone has a slightly different relationship to symbols and archetypes. What an animal means to me, may mean something different to you. But in the spirit of getting you excited to explore this area more, here is a sample of animal medicine I’ve encountered very clearly in meditation:

  • Fox, a magical aid to the seeker or hero. Threshold guardian. Shamanic traveler and aid. Goes between the worlds.
  • Hawk, the seer. Helps with wide and long vision. Helps the seeker with perception. Solar.
  • Lion, remembers its divinity. Which makes it feel and seem royal. Because it knows its one with God, it does not fear. Courage and therefor leadership. Healthy masculine archetype of warrior. Solar.
  • Unicorn, divine feminine. Mystical expression, purity and gentleness. Avalon.
  • Alligator and all serpents, secrets. Truth and hidden truths, which includes deception. The subconscious. Coiled serpent can also represent kundalini energy or divine sexuality.
  • Bear, warrior spirit and divine feminine.
  • Seal, play, joy and community.
  • Wolf, independence.
  • Dogs, pack life and community.
  • Whales and dolphin, the unconscious and water archetypes. Also can represent Sirius for me.
  • Amphibians, represent Andromeda for me. But can mean communication too.
  • Robin, strength of heart.

My favorite book on animals and all elementals is Guardians of the Celtic Way. Animal Speak by Ted Andrews is great too.

Thanks for coming by. Feel free to leave your experience with animal medicine in the comments below. Would love to hear from you!


Sis Satsuma


  1. Roadtirement · July 16, 2020

    In my journeying I am blessed to speak with Wolf and Red Tail Hawk.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sister Satsuma · July 17, 2020

      That sounds interesting. What kind of energy do you sense with wolf and hawk? I wonder if its similar to my impression


  2. Roadtirement · July 17, 2020

    Wolf is generous with me, and shares planning ideas in the form of hunting with solutions being the object of the hunt. He is so wise and we discuss many things going on in my life. Red Tail Hawk can see things so clearly and so far, and has offered to take me with him on visionary flights. I meet both in the same forested place which I am fortunate to have as my journeying destination.


    • Sister Satsuma · July 18, 2020

      Oh, I love that! My spirit guides tell me I have an inner white wolf which represents my personal sovereignty and independence. My free spirit. I was in a relationship in the past that threatened to “kill the wolf in me” as spirit called it. My hawk sees for me too. He’s in every vision somewhere if I look hard enough. So cool. Thanks for sharing.

      Liked by 1 person

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