Come powwow with me & the mystics

Hey, did you know that you can hang with me on the YouTube?

Yeah, totally over there too. I’d love for you to visit my channel and do the whole “subscribe and like” thing, so we can get a proper mystical powwow going.

This is me by the way. Library-goer by day, Sister Satsuma-ing by night.

On my channel, I’m getting into everything soulful and little-known. I’d love for you to come listen, join in on the convo and share your wisdom with the rest of us mystics.

So, make yourself a cup of tea and come watch one of my talks on trance meditation, how to meet your spirit guides, healing or cosmic contact. If it’s mystical and/or weird, I’m talkin’ about it!

Click here to check out one of my Satsuma talks.

And thanks for subscribing! It really helps my YouTube channel.


Sis Satsuma

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