The Keys of Egypt

How to access the spiritual legacy of Egypt for your healing and growth

You might be wondering what Egypt has to do with spirituality. I might’ve thought the same thing before I started meditating. But after I developed a strong meditation practice and acquired a clear connection to my spirit guides, it became abundantly clear that Egypt was a core theme for me to explore in this life. And that’s true for a lot of us! That’s because Egypt represents a very important time in human history and a unique expression of human consciousness.

In short, Egypt developed a highly advanced spiritual system. Mystics of that period grounded a lot of spiritual science and truths that we are meant to rediscover at this time.

Not feeling up to reading a whole thing? Click here if you’d rather learn about this in my short ‘Keys of Egypt’ video.

I’ve explored their spiritual system extensively in my meditation journeys, so I thought I’d share some highlights from their tradition that you might find interesting.

Here are the core benefits I think Egypt offers humanity at this time:

  1. A highly advanced spirituality that draws heavily from Atlantean times.
  2. Acknowledgement of the divine feminine or the goddess.
  3. Cosmic consciousness and understanding of the soul’s journey through the stars.
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1. A highly Advanced Spiritual System

You won’t find this part of the story in the history books, but many of us who have acquired spiritual sight from years of prolonged meditation can “see” in our journeys that Atlantis was very real and represents an important time in human history and consciousness. Essentially, humans were more highly advanced during Atlantean times. When Atlantis fell (I’ve seen that too in meditation, and so we’ll talk more about it another day), advanced mystics spread out across the globe and preserved what they could of those ways of life. Egypt was one of the main locations that re-anchored Atlantean ways.

In my visions, I have seen that Egypt had a very well-developed spiritual class. Their pyramids were technologies that allowed them to harness earth and cosmic energies in a way that advanced their consciousness and spiritual abilities.

I saw a network of bathhouses that were used for psychic development and that their city developments went all the way into the astral or spiritual realms. Has anyone else seen that? If so, heeeey giiirl! I’d love to hear more in the comments section. These astral parts of the city were glowing blue in an almost bioluminescent way. Um, gorgeous.. I want to go to there again. lol.

I saw that their mystery schools were entire academies where higher energies were channeled and studied, including energies from the cosmos.

So, in short, Egypt is the gifted program for spiritual students. They did good! There is likely some Atlantean and Egyptian experience in your soul’s journey. Feel free to ask about it in meditation in this way:

  • Guides, what messages are available to me about Egypt?
  • Guides, show me a past/parallel life in Egypt where I was thriving in my spiritual gifts.
  • What was I exploring in Egypt that I am meant to integrate into my current life?
Mystic tunes. Mhmm. Boreal Kiss, Pt. 1.

2. Recognition of the Divine Feminine or Goddess

The divine feminine is closely associated with the archetype of water.

When you look at the world’s religious systems, especially in the Western and Abrahamic traditions, most seem to be lacking imagery that acknowledges the feminine aspect of God.

Well, good news folks! Not so in Egypt. I would say one of the most important medicines Egypt offers us at this time (especially mystics of the West) is inclusion of the divine feminine. The remembrance of the holy mother.

For more on why remembering the divine feminine is important, see my post on Polarity and Unity.

We can see this recognition of the feminine face of God in Egypt’s long line of goddesses: Maat, Isis, Sekmet, Hathor, etc. In my opinion, these are different aspects of the one Holy Mother or the highest feminine principle.

Why multiple goddesses instead of just one? My personal feeling is that from the highest divine principle (Ultimate Reality or Oneness) emanates the multiple qualities of Source. Sometimes to human consciousness, these qualities appear in a personal, humanoid form so that we can relate to this otherwise unknowable divine presence. God takes different forms for different cultures and different times. Even in the same age and same location, different mystics will often see God manifest in different ways.

The thing to know is that every manifestation of God/Goddess is special and uniquely needed for the time in which it appears.

Depiction of Isis, the divine mother known to Egypt.

With the deep honoring of the feminine principle (not women, but the receptive essence of consciousness), Egypt successfully elevated the mystical side of life. This is a gift of the divine feminine: there’s an emphasis on the spiritual world and spiritual experiences. Naturally, incredibly advanced and talented mystics were able to rise during this time.

Whereas in the masculine experience, the focus is much more about what’s happening in the material or physical world. To be a balanced person, we need mastery in both areas, right? But because the West has almost entirely lost its connection to the spirit world due to a unhealthy focus on the rational, we need more than ever to draw from the deeply spiritual energies of Egyptian times.

It’s time for us to reclaim and remember the spiritual gifts we enjoyed in our Egyptian and pre-Egyptian (Atlantean) past lives.

Another relevant archetype governed by the feminine principle is the element of water. My spirit guides have shown me that’s because from water originated all life in the physical world. Much like a mother, right?

Something else to know is that the water of a planet holds the codes and potential for the consciousness of its inhabitants. Our psychic growth is directly tied to the properties of our planet’s water.

Oh, and it gets more interesting from there. Our planet’s cosmic lineage originated in the waters of the Sirius star system (which is essentially a star gate and a cosmic birth place). This aquatic DNA of sorts re-appears in Venus and now here on Earth.

Sirius, Venus and Earth are all anchoring the divine feminine essence, which has a warm, accepting tone. Like water, the feminine essence flows and allows. It accepts and holds all. Within the feminine, there is a deeply collective experience. That’s also why when tuning in psychically to Venus and Sirius (please do that! such a blast), you may see mermaids, water-based religious ceremonies, and the very genesis of life as we know it. Pretty epic stuff.

Merfolk are very real if you tune into Sirius and Venus.

And this likely explains why I see ceremonial bath houses for the priest class in Egypt. They were initiating people into higher spiritual truths in the same tradition that priests and priestesses did on Venus. Sacred baths aren’t just metaphorical enactments of rebirth, they are cellular initiations.

So, just to recap. The element of water holds the truths of our Genesis. It is the element that represents the womb. It naturally reconnects us to the mother archetype. And that’s exactly the energy we use to advance spiritually. It’s the mother principle, the goddess energy that escorts the soul back up into unity consciousness. She is the Shekina (divine presence as felt on Earth), the Sophia (sacred wisdom). She (water) descends into the realm of matter with the spiritual child and returns each soul to the father principle or the solar realm (fire).

3. Cosmic Consciousness

It’s pretty clear from my Cosmic Intuition video that this is a sweet spot of mine spiritually. In that video, I discuss why the cosmic aspect of human consciousness is important. This is essentially our remembrance that our soul has journeyed through various star systems before incarnating into an Earth timeline.

One of the main reasons I bring up the cosmic in an Egypt post is because this is one of the defining elements of Egyptian spiritual consciousness. They were channeling and harnessing cosmic energies in their meditations. This was a specialty of their priest and priestess classes:

Sirius initiations. In my meditation journeys, I was shown they were connecting deeply to and drawing from the Sirius star system via specific pyramids. We can ask for this remembrance in our mediation journeys. They sent me through the cosmos and up to Sirius. It felt like a homecoming. Sirius felt like a return home. Like a reunion with loved ones. This is a big deal for us. Sirius holds the truth of our origins. And Egypt discovered this long ago!

Hathor. I should also note that my guides shared that Hathor (one of the Egyptian goddesses) can guide us through Atlantean and Egyptian memories back into the Sirius initiation. Call on her if you care to. When you look her up, she’s the one with cow horns.

Anubis. Also, when I’ve tuned into Sirius, I see the Egyptian god Anubis. The dog-headed deity that was said to govern the Egyptian underworld. His energy is very connected to Sirius in my experience. So fitting that we call it the Dog Star, hmm?

Lion guides. Egyptians were also working closely with feline and leonine beings from the Sirius star systems, as can be seen in the statue of the Sphinx. But also in leonine depictions of their gods and goddesses. Sekmet comes to mind here. Bast too. In meditation, I usually see Isis with a blue lion. I think this connects her to the lion archetype that was deeply anchored in Sirius (but originating in Lyra as far as I can see) and the throat chakra or blue ray that represents self-expression. The lion archetype is all self expression: about knowing and honoring the self. Personal truth. Life and soul purpose. Spiritual gifts to offer in world service. Courage to express the self in the world. Because of its courage, the lion also contains the archetype of a healthy warrior or protector energy.

You can connect to lion guides too. In mediation, ask your lion guides any of these questions, which is their specialty:

  • What is my life purpose?
  • What is my soul purpose?
  • What themes am I meant to be exploring in this life?
  • What are my spiritual gifts?
  • What lessons am I meant to integrate in this life?

It’s questions like these that build our spiritual foundations in life. Who are you? What are you doing here? That’s what lion energy helps us remember.

Lion guides also have a deep confidence and understanding of their divine nature. They remember their own divinity in a deep and visceral way, and they help all souls remember they are a child of God and therefore royal. This for me is the most empowering remembrance:

All things are possible in God. When we are one with God, there is nothing to fear. We are drawing from the force of God. God is the source of our power. This knowing helps us become courageous like the lion. This knowing helps us reclaim our power in the face of much darkness.

That’s another reason the lion archetype was all over the place in Egypt. Because Egypt was channeling the cosmos through their spiritual systems and pyramids, lion beings came in to protect their mystics.

Wish you could be initiated into the divine feminine like the Egyptian mystical class? Well, you can…

I recommend the regular practice of a ritual bath. Especially on holy days. The Jewish faith calls this a mikveh. Think of a sacred bath as a tub of holy water. It really can be that powerful. Water takes on the consciousness we feed it. You can pray over your water and imbue it with different properties that can serve to expand your consciousness or offer you specific healing.

Do like a priestess and bathe in holy water.
  • First, fill your bathtub with warm water
  • Sprinkle in a high-quality salt like Himalyana pink salt. About 1 cup will do.
  • Apply essential oils to your bathwater. I like gentle oil like lavender. 20 or so drops. Whichever plant your oil is derived from, do spiritually ask for connection to the spirit of that plant. Offer gratitude first and ask it to offer you healing during your bath.
  • Fresh flowers are a great addition if you don’t have skin allergies. Be sure to gently connect with the spirit of the plant before you pick it for your ritual bath and ask them to bless your water.
  • Light white candles around your bathtub and use intentions as you light them. Allow the light to represent the divine light you mean to connect to. Consider devoting a candle to the goddess as a tribute. If you’d like to connect to the energies of Sirius, you can use a blue candle as well.
  • If you can find dry blue lotus in a tea or herbal formula, do sprinkle that into the bath or take before sleep for deeper spiritual connection with the divine. Blue and black sage may work as well.
  • Place your hands over the water and pray over it before you enter. This is when you visualize divine energy and love imbuing the water. Visualize divine presence flowing from the center of the cosmos, down into your spine, out of your hands and into the water.
  • Don’t forget music. Here’s a recommendation.

Well, have a lovely time with that bath! I hope this has been a helpful look into Egypt as I’ve seen it.

I’d love to hear what you’ve learned about Egypt either in your studies or in meditation.

Throw some wisdom down in the comments section if you please.

I’ll be back soon with another mystical post. In the meantime, take care and happy meditating.


Sister Satsuma


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  2. Bryan Wagner · May 18, 2020

    Thank you for sharing this.


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  6. spiritofthebeach · May 21, 2020

    Yes, very interesting. I have had experience of Anubis – who wanted to play on a beach, and then I seemed to go into him. I have also had experiences of Isis. It is extraordinary. I have just found your blog space and will look more closely in the near future. Thankyou.

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