Healing & Intuition

Some of you may already know that healing is one of the primary “gifts of the spirit.” That’s what they’re called within Christianity. In the eastern traditions, spiritual gifts that come with prolonged meditation are called siddhis.

I have to agree with the ancients on this one! Divine healing is one hell of a miracle. It’s a bit of a mystery to try to explain but I’ll take a swing at it..

From my perspective, all of life (including illness) is organized in such a way that we will be asked to enter into higher and higher expressions of Truth and Divine Love.

There is a soul-level and cosmic force that moves us – sometimes gently, sometimes not so gently – into our highest potential as souls. In my life, illness has asked me to do inner work. To break down walls I have built against truth or love. To let in big big love just a little bit more in the places in myself that felt unworthy or unforgiving.

Illness and disease is a strange sort of gift in that way. If you have the ability to energetically tune into the body, often there’s a story there that wants to be heard for your development and growth. Once you see it and give it expression, often difficult symptoms will dissipate. Kinda cool.

I talk more about this process here at the Satsuma Diaries Youtube channel …

What are your experiences with healing through meditation and intuition? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Also, feel free to hit me up for a health reading if you like (pay what you can) or one to one meditation mentorship. sissatsuma@gmail.com.

I’ll be back soon with another post. In the meantime, stay well.



  1. mariner2mother · April 20, 2020

    Very nice! All of this resonates with me. The healing method you learned sounds a lot like Reiki, letting Universal healing energy in through the crown chakra and out the hands. Meditation is a great way to connect within and ask for healing. Because I often struggle to meditate, being guided into a very deep meditative state (hypnosis) works for me. It helps me connect more strongly with my intuition and my higher self. And yes, I’ve often found an energetic (or spiritual) component to disease or dysfunction. When I had a session and healed myself of GERD (severe reflux), I saw several parts of my inner child who had been wounded by my mother when I was little. Your work sounds beautiful!

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    • Sister Satsuma · May 5, 2020

      Yes, some systems call it “pranic” healing, some call it reiki. It definitely feels like what my reiki friends describe. Thank you for reading!

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      • mariner2mother · May 6, 2020

        As yes. Pranic healing. I’ve received sessions but have never studied it. Had some amazing results.


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